Cloud, RPA and e-payments transform legacy operations at Amer Group

Updating legacy apps and moving to the cloud is time-consuming and costly. In this Q&A, Mohamed Saada, chief information technology officer of Cairo-based Amer Group, explains how he juggles multiple projects while dealing with business management expectations.

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Amer Group

As cloud data centres proliferate in the Middle East, pressure on CIOs to transform legacy infrastructure is increasing. This means enterprise tech leaders have to juggle multiple projects: updating aging infrastructure, ensuring current apps are running optimally, and constantly looking for ways that IT can help boost revenue in the future. As chief information technology officer of Amer Group, Mohamed Saada is in charge of digital transformation and is used to handling multiple priorities while managing expectations of business managers.

Amer Group operates mainly in Egypt, the Middle East, and North Africa within the real estate development and hospitality sectors. In this Q&A, Saada provides his insights on the current state of digital transformation in a business operating in industries impacted to a greater  extent by the COVID crisis than most. He discusses organisational changes the crisis has brought about and how the business is adapting, innovating and pushing ahead by leveraging technology for business continuity.

What technologies do you think will have the biggest impact on your sector this year and beyond, and which areas of your business will be impacted most?

mohamed saada cito Mohamed Saada

Mohamed Saada is chief information technology officer of Amer Group.

Cloud computing, e-payments and mobility are the main technologies. We are currently working on migrating workloads to the cloud to avoid issues and disruptions in the on-premise setups. We are also working on developing customer portals and mobile apps with e-payments that would allow the customers to get in touch and fulfil their services in a contactless manner.

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