Skills and traits of elite IT automation teams

From RPA to AI, automation has become a key IT priority. Here’s what to look for in building a versatile team suited to automating processes across your enterprise.

Skills and traits of elite IT automation teams
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When it comes to transforming organizations these days, automation is king. Automating IT and business processes took major leaps forward in the wake of the pandemic, and the trend is expected to roll on this year, as organizations navigate a post-pandemic business environment.

Research firm Gartner listed “hyperautomation” — an all-out approach to automating anything that can be automated in an organization — as one of its top strategic technology trends for 2021. The use of robotic process automation (RPA) platforms is on the rise, and artificial intelligence is becoming much more than a buzzword as more organizations deploy AI-powered tools and build use cases.

Automation has become such a key priority for organizations that IT leaders are creating dedicated teams to plan, execute, and maintain their automation strategies. What does it take to build an elite automation team? Here are some key traits and skills to look for.

Broad technical aptitude

Automation team members should have a working knowledge of the various platforms on the market that enable IT automation, such as RPA, business intelligence (BI), business process management, and other systems.

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