Innovating with Data: A Customer Journey

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What does it mean to innovate with data, especially in a hyper-connected world where that data is hyper-distributed, and hyper-speed is required to analyze, then act on it? And how do you do it when the new normal is shifting from physical experiences to digitally augmented or digital only?

Of course, the simple business answer is to create new value through digital innovations by re-imagining customer experiences, products, business models, industries, and even the globe. Use data to create personalized, integrated experiences. Work through data-driven business models to build smarter, connected products. Not to belabor the point, but data is now an organization’s most valuable asset, so using it wisely is key.

According to our latest Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, 96% of digital leaders say their ability to collect, analyze and act on data has made it easier to adapt and survive in the new paradigm. Extracting the value of their data required these leaders to invest in a modern IT Infrastructure — one flexible and scalable enough for the rigors of data science. Here’s one of their stories.

Advancing Healthcare Analytics: Medacist

Medacist is a leading innovator in drug-diversion analytics. They empower healthcare providers in acute, specialty and long-term care facilities across the United States to gain operational insight to keep patients and hospitals safe. The Medacist Genesis Healthcare Data Platform helps tackle the serious issue of addictions to medications, such as in the opioid crisis.

As the only US patent holder in the drug-diversion analytics discipline, Medacist applies artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to their customers’ production data in order to pinpoint unusual patterns throughout the lifecycle of drugs. By detecting anomalies from procurement to storage and management in a clinical pharmacy, to prescription and dispensation by doctors and nurses, healthcare providers can identify possible abuse patterns for further investigation and action. In this instance, the AI is augmenting the investigatory work needed to keep the drug supplies secure.

Modernize IT Infrastructure

In order to deliver faster and better results, Medacist needed to modernize IT. They required scalable and high performing data storage and compute to build out a private cloud-enabled infrastructure for SaaS solutions, one that could support latency-sensitive data analytics and AI workloads at the fastest possible speeds and with extreme reliability. This was critical in shortening data processing times and increasing the accuracy of outcomes delivered through the company’s drug diversion solutions.

Medacist needed a strong, trusted technology partner, one with the expertise and diverse infrastructure offerings, to reinvent their systems to support Genesis. By partnering with Dell Technologies for infrastructure modernization, Medacist is able to unlock the power of all its data, resulting in new insights delivered to their clients.

The Dell Technologies Advantage

Today, they operate on a cloud-enabled technology foundation that integrates Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and PowerScale storage. David J. Brzozowski Jr., chief technology officer at Medacist, explains, “Our partnership with Dell Technologies allows us to take advantage of the full breadth and depth of their compute, storage, networking and security solutions. Dell Technologies offers best-of-breed solutions in all these categories.” He says further that it’s all about better customer outcomes. “Together, Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers and PowerScale storage help us ensure that the data our clients review and analyze remains available and secure. Our clients can improve patient safety or even save lives because the Dell Technologies solutions support analytics based on massive amounts of data.”

Key business results for Medacist include:

  • Delivers analytics in within 5 minutes of receiving data instead of 24 hours.
  • Saves millions of dollars by upholding 99.99% uptime SLA agreements.
  • Scales rapidly to enable client and data growth with 13% cost savings.
  • Simplifies data sharing on multiprotocol architecture.
  • Supports workloads in the cloud or on-premises.

In this data era, one thing is clear: Data bridges our physical and digital worlds… Maturity in how you collect, analyze and act on it is critical for your organization’s success, to be ready for what’s next. And if what’s next for you is fine tuning your ability to innovate with data, then Dell Technologies is ready, and we will stop at nothing to drive your success.

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