These 7 e-logistics start-ups are transforming African supply chains

African e-logistics companies are using big data analysis, IoT and mobile technology to offer efficient supply chain transportation services for cargo owners, and help truck owners access new opportunities.

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Supply chain services in Africa suffer from the same fundamental problems that other sectors in the region do: flawed infrastructure inflates prices and thwarts efficiency. It’s a sector that is ripe for digital disruption, and up-and-coming e-logistics start-ups, seeing a market opportunity, are implementing big data analytics, IoT networks and mobile technology to optimize the transport of goods.

There will be rapid growth in the supply-chain logistics sector in the coming years, according to an International Finance Corporation (IFC) report,  E-Conomy Africa 2020. 

"There is a shortfall in African infrastructure investment of between $67 billion and $107 billion annually, hampering development in the logistics sector as it imposes a 40-60% surcharge on the cost of goods," the IFC report said.

What is e-logistics?

E-logistics is the term broadly used for the application of digital technology —including cloud services, RPA, analytics and IoT — to the procurement, maintenance, and transportation of goods. E-Logistics companies are part of the overall supply chain sector.

Digitally enabled logistics start-ups, increasingly called e-logistics companies, are few in number. Even so, the need for such services is clear.

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