Lendlease’s dynamic CIO-duo on digitising construction

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Harvey Worton (left) with David Lipscomb

The construction sector has been notorious for falling behind other industries when it comes to digitising long-standing, manual processes.

This is despite 72 per cent of construction companies worldwide indicating in a March 2020 IDC report that digital transformation (DX) is a key priority to drive much-needed changes to their processes and business models.

But only 13 per cent are well on their way to succeeding in their DX journeys, according to the report.

One company leading the charge is Lendlease, which operates in an Australian construction industry that comprises 8 per cent of GDP and employs around 1.1 million people.

Last year, the publicly-listed company appointed co-CIOs in Australia – Harvey Worton and David Lipscomb – who have long worked together at the organisation – to drive digital transformation across the organisation in Australia.

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