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If one of the 20th century's greatest sportspeople can admit to failure, then why can't our tech execs? We ask three highly experienced Australian tech chiefs about their biggest mistakes, what they learnt from these experiences and how they applied those learnings throughout their careers.

Nicki Doble, group chief information officer at travel insurance and medical assistance provider, Cover-More Group, discusses her role in 'fixing broken stuff' at organisations and why people walk away from these technology messes. She talks about a launch that fell flat in a big way, and what it is about the culture of IT that restricts people from talking about their failures.

Australian tech veteran, Peter Nevin, tells a compelling story about how he managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of success. Finally, Vinnie D'Alessandro, chief technology officer at Change Financial Limited discusses why he is always mindful of 'underestimating inertia' when it comes to people and technology.


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