The Power of the Modern Intelligent Core on AWS

SAP S/4HANA, or the intelligent ERP, is an imperative for organizations to keep a competitive edge in today’s environment of increasing digital demands. Here is what to know to drive business value.

Digital transformation

“We had been talking to consultants, analysts, industry expert, but finally the pandemic taught us the ‘what and why’ of the digital transformation,” shared the CIO of a global company. “To run the business in such a dynamic environment, we need a flexible, agile, scalable, and modern IT backbone, which can adapt to our rapidly changing business needs and help us adopt new business models like running operations on mobile, subscription-based models, and connecting with invisible customers online with zero disruption and zero downtime.”  

This summary aptly describes the needs of CXOs across the globe when it comes to successful digital transformation, and it’s no secret that Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is fast becoming the foundational enabler for business transformation. CXOs are scrambling to understand how to tackle the complexities of modernizing the core while driving digital business strategies.

So, what should CXOs demand in a modern ERP?

A flexible, agile, and scalable core: Businesses need to replace highly customized ERP behemoths with a flexible backbone that can be adapted to meet changing business needs and scale up to address business volume.

Rapid modernization: Gone are the days when business can wait for years for a new ERP to go live. ERP modernization needs to keep pace with business transformation; otherwise, the core will be outdated even before going live. 

The ability to enable optimized experiences: ERP should deliver simplified, anytime/anywhere omni-channel access, seamlessly integrated with next-gen cloud-based customer, vendor, and employee applications, and real-time analytics for real time decision-making.

Enabling business transformation: ERP is the foundation of the IT backbone and needs to support the business transformation driven by digital strategy and SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) initiatives.

Pay per usage:  A pay per usage model is not limited to infrastructure alone, and it is very much applicable for application management making specialized software affordable, accessible, and scalable depending on organizational needs.

With those needs in mind, what should a cross-industry, core modernization strategy encompass?

First, adopting an intelligent enterprise platform from the very start ensures clients are preparing a future-ready core for their organization.

Deploying S/4HANA on cloud enables simultaneous integration of cloud services, like AWS SageMaker and others, providing opportunity for co-innovation and future scalability with a cost advantage.

Lastly, SAP use-case automation on AWS brings controlled automation to each phase of cloud life cycle management during an SAP S/4HANA upgrade while DevOps automation covers automation for SAP systems (including S/4HANA) for all layers of infrastructure, operating systems, databases, and applications, both increasing time efficiencies and reducing costs.

Benefits of core modernization with Cognizant and AWS

The Cognizant Intelligent Enterprise Platform brings core industry solutions already integrated with RPA (robotic process automation) enabled smart processes, ML-based smart applications, and industry KPIs like LifeSight. These preconfigured industry solutions on cloud (e.g., LifeCare, MfgXpress, ChemXpress, CPGXpress, and Utilise) address different industry sectors and reduce implementation time while ensuring rapid adoption of S/4HANA on the cloud.

Migrating the legacy core to S/4HANA with industrialized offerings like Cognizant SmartMove is helping clients migrate with minimal disruption to business.

Additionally, the highly automated factory approach delivers S/4HANA upgrades with AWS migrations in a single-step journey to modernizing the core on cloud.

Clients can also leverage a “pay as you use” model of Cognizant where they start paying only when they move the core, keeping their upfront investment practically zero.

To conclude, industrialized offerings also ensure standard processes and keep the core flexible and agile while enabling custom approaches for more complex developments with SAP Cloud Platform down the line.

US-Based Life Sciences Company Accelerates Transformation with 30% Time Savings

The global pandemic transformed the priorities of a US-based life sciences company that was already in the midst of a core modernization initiative.

It needed to accelerate transformation by speeding innovation and establishing industry best practices.  Cognizant and AWS delivered a scalable platform and accelerated implementation by 30%+ without compromising the full benefits of S/4HANA and staying GXP compliant.  

Inspired by the success stories of unlocking innovation while providing opportunity for rapid core modernization on a scalable platform, Cognizant partners with AWS to offer S/4HANA industry solutions driving client outcomes.  Visit us to learn more.

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