Fueling Our Energy Future with HPC and AI

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When people think of the energy industry, they may not think of high performance computing systems and artificial intelligence engines churning through massive amounts of data. But that’s the reality for today’s data-driven utilities.

HPC and AI solutions are now essential keys to success for energy businesses. From automating electricity substations and dynamically load balancing complex power grids to forecasting electricity demand and improving reliability through predictive maintenance, HPC and AI are at the heart of the modern energy utility.

In this new era, successful energy companies think like data companies, processing huge amounts of data to reengineer their processes, drive innovation and adopt more efficient service delivery models. Data‑driven business models are now the name of the game for the entire industry. It’s all about innovating with data.

In some good news on this front, there is no shortage of data in today’s energy utilities. Thanks to dramatic advances in data-acquisition technologies and the use of connected sensors throughout the operations environment, utility operators have access to unprecedented amounts of data that they can leverage to optimize their processes. The bigger challenge now is to increase the speed with which data is collected, processed and analyzed to extract value and improve workstreams.

Accelerating operations with HPC

High performance computing systems are critical enablers of the new data-driven energy utility. And, fortunately, the discussion about HPC is no longer limited to initiatives driven by costly supercomputers. Today’s advanced compute, networking and storage systems have put the power of HPC within the grasp of all utilities. Now, everyone in the energy game has access to the IT infrastructure they need to fuel the advanced data analytics and AI solutions that give rise to the smart utility.

At the same time, energy utilities now have the ability to decentralize HPC into edge and cloud environments. This trend toward decentralized HPC supports the scale of energy operations, helps operators deliver faster response times and enables automated processes at the edge, where a great deal of data is generated and captured.

The power of partnerships

While it’s clear that HPC is a necessary ingredient for a successful data‑driven utility environment, designing and implementing the right systems is less straightforward. And this is where technology partnerships come into play.

To capitalize on HPC and AI in their day-to-day operations, utilities need to work closely with technology partners who have the breadth of products and the technical expertise to build systems that span from the edge to the cloud to the core data center. Dell Technologies and Intel are well suited to this role.

Dell Technologies and Intel understand the analytics-oriented IT needs of the energy Industry, and offer modern HPC solutions that make adoption faster, simpler and more collaborative. Together, we deliver flexible and scalable HPC solutions for all sizes of energy businesses, including purpose-built servers, cluster management software, edge devices and workstations, along with advanced cloud computing and security systems.

We understand that the priorities for energy companies are varied, so our approach focuses on delivering customizable HPC solutions that reduce operational disruption and speed time to value for different use cases. These solutions are designed to improve the operational efficiency of computer systems and physical field assets while increasing workforce productivity and safety. And all along the way, HPC, data analytics, AI and cybersecurity form the cornerstones of our digital transformation strategy for the energy industry.

For a deeper dive into this topic, see the “Dell Technologies High Performance Computing Reference Guide for Energy.” This guide delves into the unique needs of the energy industry and outlines key HPC planning considerations. These include the use of mobile and fixed HPC workstations, edge and data center HPC computing systems, virtualized HPC and hybrid cloud HPC.

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