Research Powerhouse Becomes a Dell Technologies HPC & AI Center of Excellence

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Running large-scale simulations of the universe. Sequencing the DNA of ancient wolves. Bringing human-like qualities to robots. Finding new ways to cure tuberculosis. It’s all in a day’s work for the scientific researchers at Durham University.

For these and countless other research initiatives, teams of scientists at the UK university make use of leading-edge high performance computing clusters from Dell Technologies and, increasingly, machine learning technologies to glean insights from enormous datasets. All of this work solidifies Durham University’s reputation as a world-class research institution.

And this brings us to the news of the day: Durham University has joined the ranks of the top-tier research institutions that have been recognized as Dell Technologies HPC & AI Centers of Excellence. These institutions include:

  • Supercomputing Wales and the Cambridge Dell Intel Centre in the UK
  • The University of Pisa Competence Center in Italy
  • The Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation and Monash University in Asia Pacific
  • The Centre for High Performance Computing in South Africa
  • Arizona State University, San Diego Supercomputer Center and Texas Advanced Computing Center in the United States

That’s a great club to join. But aside from bragging rights, what does it mean to be an HPC & AI Center of Excellence? Let’s explore that question.

Hubs for innovation and expertise

Dell Technologies HPC & AI Centers of Excellence are hubs for innovation and expertise in solutions for data analytics, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. These Centers provide thought leadership, evaluate new technologies and share best practices.

The centers also maintain local industry partnerships and enjoy direct access to products and solutions from Dell Technologies and other technology creators. They help tech companies incorporate user feedback and needs into product roadmaps. Through collaboration, HPC & AI Centers of Excellence provide a network of resources based on the wide‑ranging know‑how and experience of technology developers, service providers and industry subject matter experts.

Five reasons to get engaged

Dell Technologies HPC &AI Centers of Excellence complement the offerings of our worldwide Customer Solutions Centers and Executive Briefing Centers to help organizations stay competitive in the data era.

With that thought in mind, here are five ways in which these centers can help your organization capitalize on HPC and AI solutions:

  • Use high performance data analytics to discover new ways to process, visualize and predict future needs.
  • Leverage AI, machine learning and deep learning expertise, best practices, and testing and tuning on a wide array of the latest technologies to optimize results.
  • Gain experience with high‑powered solutions across multiple locations for visualization, modeling and simulation of complex data sets.
  • Use performance analysis, optimization and benchmarking to identify the right technology for the right application.
  • Learn how to use system design, implementation and operation, together with monitoring and I/O benchmarking, to avoid performance bottlenecks, decrease power and cooling needs, and address reliability and resilience issues.

A few closing thoughts

Dell Technologies and Intel are committed to fostering the exchange of ideas for the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC and AI solutions. To that end, we offer not only world‑class technology solutions but also world‑class expertise to help our customers chart a path to digital transformation.

But we don’t do any of this alone. We work in close collaboration with our partners, customers and Centers of Excellence — including Durham University — to help organizations around the world put technology to work to get better at the things they do best.

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