IT confronts climate change

Data analytics and AI are taking center stage in efforts to combat the fallout of climate change and environmental disasters across the globe.

IT confronts climate change
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As the world celebrates Earth Day, it’s a good time to acknowledge IT’s important role in helping to fight or address climate change. Here are some examples of how organizations are using IT for projects related to environmental issues.

Keeping cities on pace with climate actions

Nonprofit C40 Cities connects mayors in 97 cities worldwide — representing more than 700 million people and one quarter of the global economy — to take action against climate change. Data analytics plays a key role in the effort.

“The goal of C40 Cities is to enable as many cities as possible to develop climate action plans and individual climate actions that are in line with or exceed the Paris Climate Agreement,” says Jared Pruzan, head of knowledge management at the organization. “Quality data management and analysis is a critical component in planning and implementation, and we are investing in building capacity within the organization and our cities to make the data we collect as productive as possible.”

The data mining and analytics strategy supports C40's current three-year business plan, and is overseen by Rachel Huxley, director of knowledge and learning, and Pruzan.

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