8 ways to get the most from your managed service provider

A growing number of IT leaders are turning to MSPs to help address challenges posed by rapidly evolving IT services. Here’s how to ensure your MSP provides maximum value and minimal distress.

8 ways to get the most from your managed service provider

The decision to shift some or all in-house IT operations to a managed service provider (MSP), particularly in an age of technology disruption, pandemics, and evolving business models, can mark a crucial step toward ensuring long-term IT and enterprise success.

Promising deep technical knowledge, insight, and expertise, MSPs can deliver value and advanced solutions that in-house IT teams might find difficult to develop on their own. Managing an MSP relationship from inception with the right mindset can yield enormous value, notes Bob Lamendola, vice president of infrastructure and engineering services at digital services and information management provider Ricoh USA. “There might be times when the relationship is uneasy, but the foundation that’s set is what will get it through the rough spots,” he says.

Before committing to any IT outsourcing strategy, pay attention to the following eight ways to gain greatest value out of an MSP partnership.

1. Be honest about your goals and needs

Sharing business objectives and goals is essential to establishing a successful MSP alliance.

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