Blockchain helps UAE's One Billion Trees Initiative audit progress

Using blockchain embedded in EcoMatcher’s mobile application, the initiative to plant one billion trees globally, being driven out of UAE, can demonstrate compliance and auditable progress.

karen storey
Karen Storey

An initiative to bring residents and corporates of the UAE together to plant one billion trees globally to help offset the country's carbon emissions is using blockchain to overcome a key challenge of such socially motivated projects: adherence to compliance and auditable progress towards reaching milestones.

The One Billion Trees Initiative (OBTI) was launched in January by The Storey Group, an Emirates-based business consultancy focusing on leadership training, employee and community engagement, and environmental sustainability.

According to Karen Storey, CEO of The Storey Group and founder and project director of OBTI, decarbonisation is the biggest challenge facing humanity. Fifty-one billion tonnes of greenhouse gases are produced globally every year. OBTI is aimed at capturing 250 billion kgs of carbon within a decade of planting the full tree complement.

By helping to plant one billion trees by 2026, the UAE can play its part towards sustainability. OBTI gives corporations and individuals in the UAE the opportunity to buy or gift trees, in a transparent way, Storey says.

The failure of tree-planting programmes

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