For Cloud Transformations, Choose an Innovation Partner

A global systems integrator must be more than a technical operator that does only what the customer asks for.

Cloud partner

You're about to go to court in a major lawsuit that will change the future of your company. Do you call in a paralegal and tell them what documents to file? Or do you appoint the best general counsel you can find and plan your strategy together?

Now think about the partnerships you want when handling one of the most important projects in your company's history, spanning both technology and internal culture.

Digital transformation through cloud technology providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) changes your organization's DNA. It alters how you serve your customers, expanding sales opportunities and unlocking new markets.

Many companies fail at digital transformation by choosing the wrong partner. They pick someone who does what they are told rather than a trusted, seasoned advisor that challenges assumptions and works with them as an equal on strategic outcomes.

The results are far from transformative. The wrong partner delivers little more than discrete technical improvements and ignores critical strategic considerations. It fails to drive the cultural evolution that is critical to long-term success and leaves the value of digital transformation on the table.

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Level up your partnerships for cloud and beyond

A global systems integrator (GSI) must be more than a technical operator that does only what the customer asks for. A GSI must be a co-creator, helping the client realize their long-term outcomes.

A GSI worthy of digital transformation will work through the modernization project at a strategic level, identifying opportunities for workflow efficiencies and for new operating models that include internal empowerment, expertise, talent, and innovation.

As a longtime AWS consulting partner that has worked on large-scale cloud migrations, Cognizant is adept at building strategic digital transformation plans. We have created more than 70 of them, delivering powerful and sustainable results for our customers. Our proven cloud transformation approach includes models that build smarter roadmaps, implement optimized strategies, remove complexities, centralize governance, empower deeper insights, and combine the right culture and talent to enable seamless transformation. Oh, and all the while we underpin our approach with constant innovation, taking our learnings from rapid implementations and applying them to future initiatives driving long-term value.

We ask you the questions you don’t know to ask and recommend the right course of action. This creates a cloud strategy that gives you a strong competitive edge and makes you a market disruptor.

An adept GSI will also bring strong technology expertise, including detailed knowledge of third-party technologies and deep vertical market experience that combine to produce powerful business outcomes.

Cognizant has migrated over 50,000 applications to the cloud using an agile development process that delivers a regular flow of incremental wins as part of a broader digital transformation initiative. This process drives down data footprints, increases technical efficiency, and improves system availability.

Combine business and technical knowledge

An effective GSI will also help you bridge the gap between the technology and the business. This is a key element in maximizing the value across every part of your unified digital environment. Enabling IT and business leaders to focus on the business while the technology is being properly managed is a key component to sustained transformation success.

Cognizant has spent over 25 years combining business, technical, and industry expertise. We work with customers to drive outcomes including increased business agility, customer and revenue growth, and cost reduction.

We use that expertise to co-create platforms that make your company agile, drive faster time to market, and create powerful new employee and customer experiences. We co-create digital collaboration platforms that drive accelerated growth, increased ROI, and risk control. Our technology platforms are more than the sum of their parts.

Beyond breadth of coverage and depth of focus, a GSI should also offer long-term strategic partnership. Digital transformation is an ongoing journey—we will be with you long after you migrate your last application.

At Cognizant, we’re proud to be recognized by our peers for delivering to the highest industry standards as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and to be recognized as a Leader in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide.

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