Meet the brains behind KBank’s innovation drive in Thailand

Krating Poonpol is motivated by a bold mission for Thailand to become one of the world’s standout technology hubs by 2022.

krating poonpol kbank
Kasikorn Bank

Ask Krating Poonpol to summarise business appetite for postpandemic transformation across Thailand and the iconic industry figure—viewed by many as the ‘startup godfather’—will serve up his infectious smile and customary positivity.

Yet don’t mistake such positivity for naïveté, as his is arguably one of the most qualified opinions in the country, evident by a standout career in Bangkok and Silicon Valley, balanced between entrepreneurship and the enterprise.

Spearheading investment in more than 70 startups, Krating founded 500 TukTuks, a venture capital fund targeting local and emerging businesses across Southeast Asia. This is in addition to launching Disrupt Technology Ventures, a startup education program and venture builder in Thailand.

On the enterprise side, following time driving Google Earth awareness in San Francisco, the industry executive returned home to kickstart innovation at Dtac, the second largest mobile operator in Thailand. Today, Krating serves as president of technology at Kasikorn Bank (KBank), overseeing a department housing more than 2,500 employees as one of the largest dedicated technology companies within the country.

Krating has been recognised by the CIO50 ASEAN Awards in 2020 and 2019.

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