An ecosystem approach to IT is paying off for Māori language agency

Despite its small size, the New Zealand agency favours fitting together multiple tools to keep its bespoke capabilities and have flexibility in each module.

man in suit putting together giant puzzle pieces

Adopting an ecosystem approach to IT services can enable organisations to pick and choose the right technology for their organisation. While large organisations have buying power in their favour when it comes to new tech deployments, small organisations rarely do. For any size organisation, there is huge appeal in the ability to be nimble by fitting together different applications to create a complete solution for your needs without high integration effort or cost.

Bringing together multiple systems that are “all talking to each other” is the goal for Te Māngai Pāho, a Māori language agency charged with promoting te reo Māori and Māori culture. Every year it provides about $67 million worth of funding for Māori language and cultural programmes, programme makers, broadcasters, music producers, and archiving of programmes and content.

Te Māngai Pāho chief executive Larry Parr says they are working to connect their new HR management solution Employment Hero with accounting software Xero and with their bespoke online funding system Tahua, which they developed with New Zealand business Hashbang.

“We have an online funding system [Tahua] that we have developed with a provider. We are paperless from receiving proposals through to assessing decision making, contracting, milestone management, and final payment in the recipient’s account. We developed it over a period of time, adding modules, with a provider, so it’s a significant investment. Now the Film Commission uses it, NZ on Air uses it,” Parr says.

That’s one reason Te Māngai Pāho decided against finding one suite to handle all its needs, instead being willing to integrate multiple tools from multiple providers, while still minimising the number of platforms it supports.

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