Moving to True IT Resilience: A Game Plan for 2021

Enhance end-to-end IT resiliency and deliver business value with the right approach and tools.

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For those of us working in enterprise IT, the past months have taught some clear lessons. Here are two that jump immediately to mind:

  • First: We have to expect the unexpected. While important before, digital agility has emerged as a key to business survival.
  • Second: Delivering optimized service levels to customers and all users of digital services is only getting more difficult, and more vital.


In the months ahead, many enterprises will be confronting a number of pressing challenges as they seek to contend with the two imperatives above. These challenges include:

  • Disconnects still plaguing organizations. While DevOps teams are embracing efforts like objectives and key results (OKRs) and value stream management, IT operations (ITOps) teams are focused on business services, configuration items, and so on. Disaster recovery (DR) programs have their established systems, which are run entirely independently of the site reliability engineering (SRE) teams focused on service level objectives and error budgets.
  • Point tools. A logical outcome of the siloed organizations that have persisted, siloed tools remain an issue as well.
  • Siloed visibility and management. Because there are such persistent gaps between groups, senior executives can’t gain an end-to-end perspective on services and IT resilience. This makes it difficult to manage service levels and to prioritize areas that need greater investment.

Steps for Success

In the coming months, following are some key strategies that can propel your ITOps teams and business:

Institute Chaos Engineering

Chaos engineering embodies a mindset in which, instead of assuming no failures will occur, it is understood that failures will be inevitable. When adopting this approach, teams deliberately introduce failures in their production environments, which drives developers to build in resilience.

Institute IT Resilience Roles

Moving forward, it will be vital to incorporate IT resilience roles that are aligned with SRE initiatives. These new IT resilience roles can help enhance collaboration and alignment between DR and product teams.

When taking on IT resilience roles, staff focus on these critical efforts:

  • Helping recover from unknown hazards.
  • Assessing and reporting on the organization’s IT resilience posture.
  • Reporting on key performance indicators and key risk indicators.
  • Employing automation, monitoring, and alerting to support these respective efforts.

Focus on Customer-Centric Metrics

Across teams and organizations, staff need to establish a laser focus on customers. Toward that end, it is increasingly vital for teams to focus on KPIs that are aligned with customer value delivery. This will ultimately be a key to success.

For more information, be sure to see my complete blog post on establishing IT resilience.

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