AI presents governance questions for NZ IT leaders

Issues include bias in recruitment, lack of transparency in algorithmic management, customer understanding, and inadvertently creating new cyberattack vectors.

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Automation and AI may be in their infancy in enterprise IT but their use is expanding across New Zealand organisations, from use in human resources to customer service. So how should the technology that now does the work that people previously did be governed and named?

AI tools more prevalent in NZ organisations

In its 2021 CIO Agenda survey, analyst firm Gartner notes that in New Zealand and Australia, robotic process automation (RPA) is present in 27% of the organisations it surveyed, with a further 20% expecting to deploy this technology in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, “multi-experience development platforms” a term which includes chatbots, are in 12% of organisations, with a further 17% expected to deploy them in the coming year.

Gartner analyst Homan Farahmand describes software robots as “digital labourers” that either impersonate humans or independently automate manual tasks. “With their own characteristics, software robots represent a new type of digital worker entity that introduces new identity, governance, and administration requirements,” he says.

Bias and algorithmic management issues for IT governance

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