Real-time analytics: 7 tips for success

Fast and accurate insights are crucial in today’s data-driven world, making real-time analytics essential for many enterprises. Here’s how to get it right.

Real-time analytics: 7 tips for success
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As data of all types pours into enterprises at unprecedented rates, being able to give decision-makers easy access to immediate insights is becoming a business necessity. Real-time analytics enables organizations to meet this challenge by applying logic and mathematics to raw data, transforming numbers into actionable knowledge, and opening the door to rapid and accurate decision-making.

As with any powerful IT tool, real-time analytics requires a high degree of understanding and proficiency before it can be used to meet critical real-world business needs, such as enhancing workflows, boosting marketing and sales programs, and understanding various types of customer behavior.

Here are seven ways an organization getting started with real-time analytics can avoid common mistakes and drive the technology toward its maximum potential.

1. Limit real-time analytics to relevant use cases

Business and IT leaders are often so enamored with speed that they insist every data insight be delivered in real-time. In some situations, delivering real-time analytics is not only a waste of money but also counterproductive.

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