The CIO Show: Have you gone 'all-in' with the cloud?

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Throughout 2020 and into 2021, we’ve heard of more and more organisations in Australia deciding to migrate all data, systems and workloads into the cloud.

It’s a big step, especially given not so long ago there was a lively debate about the wisdom of having anything but the least sensitive, least critical data stored in a public virtual environment.

As we heard in a previous episode of ‘The CIO Show’, experts feel that few organisations really need to keep anything on premise these days, except in certain cases where there’s a regulatory and/or compliance reason for doing so. 

But the other school of thought says the cloud shouldn’t be thought of as a panacea to reduce costs and complexity, and that there are many serious questions CIOs and organisations need to answer lest they join the growing club of those feeling buyers’ remorse after going all-in.

Come up close to 10 years as chief information officer at, Jason Blackman shares with us his journey steering the company from ‘cloud-first’ to ‘cloud-only’, explaining that being born as a digitally native company definitely made the transition easier. But he stresses that any CIO contemplating such a move needs to ensure they’re not simply doing a ‘shit and lift.'

Also on the show are Simon Kaye, Chris Fleischmann and Andre Conti from IT services consultancy, NCS. They have almost 100 years’ experience between them deploying and managing enterprise data systems – including cloud – for companies including AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Oracle, and CSC.

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