Dutch tech leaders see board-level roadblocks to digital transformation

Even as COVID-19 pushed the need for digital transformation forward, executive leadership hesitated to support IT projects, according to a new report from Amrop. Dutch executives weigh in.

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The events of the past year have underscored the fact that digital transformation is critical to the success of organizations across industries. Yet despite the clear and urgent need to leverage technology to support business during the pandemic, a new survey of technology leaders finds that boards are still creating significant roadblocks in digitization strategy.

The pandemic pushed technology executives including CIOs, CTOs, and CSOs into the limelight as transformation roadmaps were drastically accelerated to deal with the crisis. Digital  transformation projects that may have been considered "nice-to-haves" in 2019 quickly shifted to "essential for business continuity" as health and safety regulations saw workforces take refuge in home offices as the global health crisis took hold.

The changing role of the CIO

In the fourth edition of its biannual "Digitization on Boards" survey, Amrop asked C-suite and board-level technology leaders to report on their own competencies (strategy, organization, culture, and skills) as well as their organizational context — for example, their relationship with their executive board. Responses from high-performing organizations (those that showed growth over the past three years) were then compared to responses from low-performing organizations (those that showed a decline in growth over three years.) Seventy percent of respondents were from Europe.

Job Voorhoeve Amrop

Job Voorhoeve is Global Digital Practice Leader and Partner, Professional Services Practice at Amrop.

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