Ready for What’s Next: Data Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service solutions help organizations get data analytics applications and projects up and running quickly, while avoiding costly upfront technology investments.

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Data analytics is now a strategic priority for all sizes of organizations across all industries. Yet deploying and managing analytics workloads can be a complex and time-intensive undertaking that requires extensive hardware and software integration and testing.

To overcome these barriers and remove complexity and upfront technology costs, many IT organizations are looking to Analytics as a Service (AaaS) solutions. These offerings help data scientists, developers and business users get their analytics applications up and running quickly, while avoiding the costs and time-drain that comes with building a solution from scratch.

In these deployments, the analytics applications and the huge datasets that come with them sit at the top of a solution stack that rests on a cloud foundation.

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In this hierarchy, users interact with a subscription-based analytics platform to execute scripts and queries that data scientists or programmers developed for them. They also interact with the analytics platform to generate reports, visualizations, dashboards and more.

AaaS deployments deliver all of the benefits of on-premises data analytics applications in a highly accessible, user-friendly public cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)

CenturyLink® delivers analytics capabilities in its Lumen® Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) offering. This innovative as-as-service offering leverages the Cloudera® Hadoop® platform for distributed data storage, processing and analysis in a high performance computing environment.

CenturyLink’s BDaaS solution provides potentially unlimited resources, while simplifying management with the assistance of a dedicated team of data science experts and a Managed Cloudera Hadoop platform. This solution, which includes data processing, storage and management components, is deployed on bare-metal cloud servers to provide a flexible, efficient and scalable environment for data analytics, all delivered via CenturyLink’s secure network and infrastructure.

In a complementary as-a-service solution, the telecommunications company delivers CenturyLink Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation and a Dell Technologies stack. This offering provides a complete software-defined data center solution that combines Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware Cloud Foundation software in a fully automated and fully managed service.

Moving forward

As part of its commitment to XaaS offerings, Dell Technologies is rolling out as-a-service consumption-based models for the company’s broad portfolio of servers, storage, networking, hyperconverged infrastructure and end-user computing solutions.

This far-reaching effort includes Project APEX, which will unify the company’s as-a-service and cloud strategies, technology offerings, and go-to-market efforts. The result of this effort will give businesses access to a consistent as-a-service experience wherever they run workloads, including on-premises, edge locations and public clouds.

These as-a-service offerings can include Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Data Analytics, which can be deployed in on-premises data centers or hybrid cloud environments. These offerings encompass a portfolio of engineered, integrated and validated systems for big data analytics that are designed to simplify deployment and operation of analytics projects.

Key takeaways

Analytics as a Service solutions help data scientists, developers and business users bring analytics applications and projects online quickly, while avoiding the need for costly upfront technology investments. These on-demand solutions deliver all of the benefits of on-premises data analytics applications in a highly accessible, user-friendly environment.

Organizations on the path to AaaS solutions can look to Dell Technologies for ready access to proven hardware and software solutions, backed by the services and the expertise to bring it all together in a hybrid cloud environment.

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