Real-time data capability boosts NZ campervan company’s intelligence

Telemetrics capabilities in THL’s vehicles provides more than monitoring for customers; it provides intelligence to both customers on the road and company strategists at the office.

Real-time data and analytics is the end goal for organisations wanting to improve operational efficiency, drive customer acquisition, and boost revenue. While a nice-to-have for many, some companies such as Tourism Holdings Limited (THL) see the ability to provide real-time insights to their customers as a critical business tool.

Safety key reason for improving data capability

THL head of insights Ashley Perry says the NZX-listed company has more than 6,000 rental vehicles in its fleet, making it one of the largest providers of holiday campervans in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. Keeping track of every vehicle is the bare minimum of requirements, so when the time came to upgrade the telemetrics capability the company saw an opportunity to improve driver safety, create a better customer service offering, and boost its marketing capability.

“It started with driver safety and the need to reduce operating expenses through repairs and maintenance and by streamlining business operations. From there was the realisation that there was more potential in telemetrics, specifically the interaction we have with the driver,” Perry says.

Using MongoDB Realm’s data-synchronisation service, THL’s in-house development team has created a solution that takes data from a small device (fitted with GPS antennas) installed in the campervan and then shares insights from that data with the driver in real time. For example, if the campervan is nearing a low bridge, the driver is warned in time. If there is a bush fire or major flooding nearby, the customer is told to avoid area. If they are exceeding the speed limit, they are warned to slow down.

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