The CIO Show: AI and ethics - Separating 'principles' and 'bits'

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With great power comes great responsibility, and there are few technologies driving today’s fast evolving digital landscape as powerful as artificial intelligence (AI).

From anticipating consumer buying decisions, to predicting political outcomes, speeding discovery and treatment for disease, who we should date and marry, deciding who gets a job, or a home loan, AI is on fast track to touch virtually every aspect of work, life and play.

The possibilities for augmenting human capabilities and endeavour are indeed very exciting, while the potential for harm is also now an important topic of conversation.

In this episode of The CIO Show we have a panel with three of Australia’s greatest AI experts discussing the need for serious regulatory and cultural reform to ensure the technology reaches it potential within acceptable ethical bounds.

Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, Ed Santow highlights some of the key findings – and recommendations – from its world-first ‘Human Rights and Technology Report’ including the need for Australia to have a new independent office for an ‘AI Safety Commissioner’, to help establish and enforce the guardrails.

Three years in the making, the report also looks at the use of biometric technologies like facial recognition, calling for a moratorium on their use until proper safeguards can be put in place.

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