Ooba's measured approach to cloud migration builds platform for growth

Rather than make a giant leap to the cloud, South African home loan and financing company Ooba took a careful, step-by-step approach, which paid off during the pandemic, and in supporting a new multi-product business strategy.

etienne minnie
Etienne Minnie

South African online home loan company Ooba had already started a cloud migration before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and changed the way that so many companies operate. While it may have looked to the rest of the world that the company had responded instantaneously to the threat, they were able to do so because they had been planning the transition in a systematic, measured manner for a long time. 

A major reason for the move to the cloud, according to Etienne Minnie, Ooba's technology manager,  was that the company was "shifting to a multi-product distribution platform style of business." To do so in a cost-effective manner, the company decided that the platform needed to be underpinned by a mix of cloud and on-premises software.

The company's mission is to empower its clients with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions in the property market. To fulfil that vision requires responsive applications that bring efficiency both to the consumers and to the more than 400 employees spread around the country. 

In his role as technology manager, Minnie oversees all aspects of the company's ICT infrastructure, systems administration and software development teams. 

"Before migration, our enterprise application was run on Oracle's e-business suite," Minnie says. "We had HR, finance and payroll applications there and we were happy there for many years. When we began gradually moving into the cloud, we started with easy applications. "

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