Jump-Start Your Hyperautomation Journey

Inefficiencies, manual processing errors, and other bottlenecks create operational challenges for most companies. A hyperautomation journey promises to help eliminate and improve these issues across the enterprise, letting people focus on what they do best.

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When deciding what types of work to automate, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. The first step is to gain a clear understanding of how your business operates. This will show how work really flows, where time is spent, and where there are bottlenecks, helping you determine the real ROI of automating tasks and processes using robotic process automation (RPA) and other automation technologies.

We believe selecting the right platform is also central to an enterprise’s future performance, and it can help simplify this work and drive innovation enterprise-wide. To achieve this, the chosen platform should combine artificial intelligence (AI) with discovery, RPA, and other technology tools.

Process mining and your hyperautomation journey

Process and task mining are the key to unlocking the value of hyperautomation by using historical data to dive deep into the business, create process maps, and identify where automation will help create the greatest impact for your enterprise.

For customers like Italy’s Credem Bank, myInvenio’s process mining with the IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation held the crucial first step to their hyperautomation journey, which has been essential in making operations more resilient by automating and streamlining their processes. As a result, Credem Bank analyzed more than 50 processes, with plans to scale up to 400. Read more on the benefits of process mining and a full-service hyperautomation platform in the complete blog here.

Interested to leverage AI-powered automation for reducing the amount of time spent on manual processes by 80%¹ and decrease customer wait times by half²? Read about IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation here.

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