Accelerating digital transformation for customer experience: A UK CIO's workout

On-off gym closures, cancelled memberships and furloughed staff have given the Gym Group’s Jasper McIntosh a taxing workout. Now, he’s plotting a recovery as he pivots his digital transformation strategy, improves agility in the cloud and focuses on customer experience.

jasper mcintosh
Jasper McIntosh

While the long months of the pandemic were tough for everyone, Jasper McIntosh must feel like he’s been on a treadmill for the last five years. As chief information officer of high-growth, low-cost fitness company The Gym Group, he’s been an integral member of the business since joining in 2014, working alongside the executive team to deliver an IPO in 2015, and to commence a multi-year digital transformation roadmap, with cloud computing at its core.

But then the global pandemic forced over 179 site closures, a move to virtual fitness and a focus on the welfare and retention of employees and customers. For McIntosh, that has meant rethinking his digital transformation strategy, streamlining HR and finance systems, improving customer experience and scaling IT and data architectures in the cloud.

Low-cost gym targets high growth

Founded in 2008 by former England squash player John Treharne, the Gym Group quickly emerged as a low-cost gym with huge appeal.

Offering affordable, contract-free subscriptions and easy, controlled access to gyms and facilities which were open 24/7, the group would go onto become the first European gym operator to float on the stock market in over a decade.

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