IT provides NZ real estate company with competitive edge

How an agile-focussed, empowered IT team helps a decentralised properties firm stay nimble.

Businesses that understand how technology can become a strategic advantage can stay ahead of the pack, especially in a competitive sector such as the property market in New Zealand.

simon casey barfoot and thompson Barfoot and Thompson

Simon Casey, CIO, Barfoot and Thompson

Real estate company Barfoot and Thompson only operates in Auckland and Northland, but it has about 3,000 properties on sale at any one time. Or, as CIO Simon Casey puts it “we are selling two houses an hour this year.”

Agile approach supports self-managing IT teams

All 75 branches are owned by the Barfoot and Thompson, so there are no franchisees, but even so management is highly devolved throughout the company. To refer to the central office, where Casey and his team of 40 in the IT department are based, as the ‘head office’ is considered incorrect. “‘Head office’ is definitely a no-no term; our focus is to support those branches, and most of the branches have salespeople and property management,” he says.

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