The digital future is here in new Singapore innovation hub

A new $50 million Dell Technologies innovation hub in Singapore will accelerate research and development in digital products and solutions.

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Over the past two decades, Dell Technologies has worked proactively to enable businesses and communities in Singapore. Today, this commitment continues with the recent launch of a Global Innovation Hub (GIH) in the Southeast Asia city-state. In a corporate news release, Dell Technologies said it expects to invest $50 million in the Singapore innovation hub over three years, including $23 million invested this year.

The GIH was launched under the Dell Technologies Digital Future – Made in Singapore initiative, which aims to fast track the adoption of digital solutions and drive digital innovations developed in Singapore for partners and customers globally to be future-ready.

A first-of-its-kind innovation center situated outside of Dell Technologies’ global headquarters in the United States, the GIH focuses on advancing multiple growth areas for digital transformation, including augmented/mixed reality, data analytics, cloud-native, cybersecurity and edge computing. The hub also serves as a home base for a specialized team responsible for enhancing user experiences through innovation.

“Singapore is globally recognized as an internationally vibrant business, technology and thriving R&D hub,” notes Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific & Japan and Global Digital Cities, Dell Technologies. “Our Digital Future ­– Made in Singapore initiative further supports Singapore’s unique standing by driving digital innovations developed in Singapore to the world.”

In addition, the GIH houses existing R&D facilities in Singapore, including the Singapore Design Centre. That center is responsible for global product design and development of key product categories, such as monitors and client peripherals. The GIS also includes a hardware prototyping lab dedicated to product design and innovation, along with an Artificial Intelligence Experience Zone, which serves as a catalyst for AI understanding and adoption.

The establishment of the hub has created more than 160 job opportunities in emerging technologies in Singapore, including positions for designers, developers, strategists and other digital innovators. These new hires for the GIH will be based in Singapore and focused on driving R&D programs for customers and partners worldwide.

Fueling other initiatives

The launch of the GIH and the move to leverage local talent continue the momentum by Dell Technologies to upskill and train more than 3,000 fresh graduates, mid-career professionals and students in Singapore via a tech skills accelerator initiative. This initiative focuses on building knowledge and skills in cloud computing, data protection and management, data science, and big data analytics to help participants prepare for the digital future.

The two-part initiative encompasses a training and enablement opportunity for Singapore-based Dell Technologies’ partner and customer firms, along with a collaboration with the Singapore Management University on a curriculum focused on cloud-native and other emerging technologies.

Delivered by Dell Technologies Academy, the tech skill accelerator initiative will help meet the growing demand for tech talent and push the frontiers for digital transformation in Singapore. Participants will benefit from an accelerated and immersive learning approach with coaches and peers.

“The world needs technology now more than ever,” Midha says. “In encouraging the adoption of digital solutions and new technologies, strengthening our product and process innovation system, and engaging the talent pipeline, we believe that we are paving the path for a more resilient, progressive, inclusive and sustainable economy.”

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