Analytics and AI helps Experian help its customers

The consumer credit reporting company is leveraging its data and data scientists to create new services for its customers.

Analytics and AI helps Experian help its customers

For the past several years, Experian has been transforming its business with analytics and AI. Shri Santhanam, executive vice president and general manager of global analytics and AI at the consumer credit reporting company, says Experian’s data transformation has focused on three pillars: internal modernization, creating analytics products and services, and driving commercial impact and business impact for customers.

“Despite the impact of the pandemic, we’ve actually managed to make good progress in the foundations of analytics and AI,” Santhanam says. “The demand for analytics and AI has dramatically increased. There’s interest and engagement in how data and analytics for clients can help us help them make better decisions in how they run their business.”

Ascend Intelligence Services is a prime example of Experian’s efforts to create analytics products that can revolutionize its clients’ businesses. As a managed analytics service, Ascend provides lenders with AI-powered modeling and strategy development, management, and deployment. Experian data scientists build a machine learning (ML) custom credit risk model, optimize a decision strategy, and deploy the model in production for clients. The services include Ascend Intelligence Services Challenger, which is a collaborative model development service, and Ascend Intelligence Services Pulse, a proactive model monitoring and validation service.

Data science as a service

Midsize lender Atlas Credit recently won a CIO 100 Award in IT Excellence for its work with Experian Ascend Intelligence Services. Ascend helped the Texas-based lender double its credit approval rates while reducing credit losses by up to 20%.

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