An Rx for healthcare providers: modern IT infrastructure

The best prescription for insight-driven healthcare is modern IT infrastructure, according to a new white paper from the research firm IDG.

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Healthcare providers are currently under an enormous amount of pressure coming from all directions. They face growing numbers of patients with chronic diseases, waves of critically ill patients in ICU beds, and increasing requirements for easier access to services, including new telehealth offerings, to name just a few challenges.

All the while, the industry is evolving toward a delivery model that requires providers to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and meet new demands for transparent pricing. And to make hard problems even harder, healthcare data continues to flood providers, thanks in part to things like new wearable devices, remote monitors and genomics information.

To meet this wide spectrum of challenges, healthcare providers need modern IT infrastructure that can put the technologies like artificial intelligence to work to enable insight-driven healthcare. And that, in a few words, is a key takeaway from a new white paper from the research firm IDG.

“The healthcare ecosystem’s data explosion presents unfettered opportunity along with unprecedented challenges,” IDG notes in the paper. “By modernizing existing infrastructure, players can fully exploit the promise of AI for more informed decision-making that raises the bar in proactive care while optimizing financial performance.”

In this paper — sponsored by Cloudera, Dell Technologies and Intel — IDG says that the health-related data bounty is the key to delivering real-time insights that can benefit providers’ business, research and clinical areas. In the firm’s view, this data will be the feeder for streaming information to help manage clinical trials, reduce process run times for real-world patient data analysis, deliver patient and physician 360-degree evaluations, fuel population health applications, and ensure value-based care.

“To capitalize on the possibilities, however, organizations face significant integration and interoperability challenges resulting from the sheer volume and variety of healthcare data,” IDG cautions. “The ability to securely handle real-time data and predictive insights at scale requires a modern computing, network, and storage infrastructure. Without that foundation, organizations risk the health of their operations and put patient outcomes at risk.”

Meeting today’s healthcare challenges

In IDG’s view, the Cloudera, Dell Technologies and Intel partnership is well positioned to help healthcare providers establish the modern computing, network and storage infrastructure that is key to enabling insight-driven healthcare.

Here is some of the value that this partnership brings to the table, according to IDG:

  • The Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) accommodates data from a variety of sources — such as bedside monitors, medical devices, medical images, and wearables — and dispa­rate providers, facilities and organizations. CDP, including its Shared Data Experience (SDX), drives data optimization from the bedside through complex machine learning and AI, delivering actionable intelligence back to the point of care.
  • The latest Dell EMC infrastructure provides storage and networking at scale to accommodate the healthcare data surge. In addition to maximum scalability and performance, Dell EMC platforms deliver virtual provisioning for improved capacity utilization, integrated data protection at the storage processor level and reduced ownership costs.
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors combine computing, storage, memory, networking and security to help healthcare providers optimize high-performance data management and AI-infused, real-time analytics. Intel’s persistent memory technology adds afford­able, scalable memory capacity and low-latency access to the mix. In addition, Intel and Cloudera have collaborated on software optimization, creating a library that accel­erates math processing and neural network routines to increase application performance.

Put it all together and you have a prescription for insight-driven healthcare — and an Rx for what ails the healthcare industry.

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