LogiCloud scales up its IoT data processing capacity 100x in the cloud

When business is booming, capacity problems are looming: Success in recruiting new customers created a challenge for the WebXpress IT team.

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After the first lockdown in 2020, many companies realized they needed better technologies to support their logistics operations. That was good news for logistics service providers like WebXpress—but also bad, as the sudden influx of customers put a great strain on infrastructure.

“Logistics was first to open” after lockdown, says Apurva Mankad, founder and CEO at WebXpress. “More companies started using our service after the pandemic because they were under a lot of uncertainty and tracking of vehicles became more important.”

WebXpress offers a number of logistics services, including LogiCloud, a platform that tracks cargo vehicles by collecting real-time data from GPS devices. It connects over 150 logistics service providers to retail and manufacturing companies, processing more than 2 million orders every month. It provides its clients with tracking details including origin, destination, current location, type of cargo, estimated arrival time for each vehicle, and also sends alerts as per customer requests.

The company started out with a small number of customers each with just a few vehicles to track but then, says Mankad, “We then started onboarding large logistics customers with almost 800 vehicles each that needed to be tracked. We had multiple such customers onboarded. When we started taking their data, the amount of data really jumped multifold.”

There was something else amping up the demands on infrastructure, too: One customer wanted to collect data from its vehicles every 15 seconds, rather than every two or three minutes. “Even for the same set of vehicles, the data multiplied. That’s when the data shot up and we had to rush to invent a new solution,” says Mankad. The number of datapoints from the Internet of Things (IoT) the system had to ingest grew from 50,000 each day to 5 million, up one hundredfold.

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