Bupa CTO goes all-in on public cloud, startups, and sustainability

UK-based Diana Kennedy is crafting a global public cloud strategy with Microsoft Azure, partnering with startups, and focused on sustainability. All in the hope of building a more customer-centric healthcare organisation.

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From dealing with climate change at BP to improving healthcare during the pandemic at Bupa, Diana Kennedy clearly likes a job with social impact. She joined Bupa at the start of 2021 as its chief technology officer and quickly set to work on a six-pillar business strategy designed to help the firm fulfil the goal in Bupa’s motto of being “the world’s most customer-centric healthcare company”.

To reach that goal, and maximise Bupa’s potential as a positive force, she’s steering the organisation to go all-in with public cloud (via Microsoft Azure), working with a portfolio of startups, and helping guide sustainability efforts.

Shaping the CTO role at Bupa

diana kennedy bupa Bupa

Diana Kennedy, CTO, Bupa

At BP, where she was most recently vice president of strategy, architecture, and planning, Kennedy was part of an organisation that was moving from carbons to renewables, and from B2B to B2C. Then Bupa came calling. Bupa is a UK-based international healthcare provider serving 31 million customers with health insurance, clinics, dental centres, and hospitals.

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