‘Cleantech’: How NZ CIOs can play a key role in environmental technology

Callaghan Innovation’s James Muir wants New Zealand businesses to help make New Zealand a lead innovator for climate technology—and adopt it, too.

james muir callaghan innovation
Callaghan Innovation

The issue of climate change is propelling the environmental technology sector, also known as ‘cleantech’ and ‘climate tech’, but while New Zealand has an estimated 300 innovators they often lack corporate support to take their ideas to the global marketplace. That’s where CIOs can have a vital role to play.

New Zealand research agency Callaghan Innovation defines environmental technology as “technology that reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas emissions (directly or indirectly) or improves use of natural resources.”

Callaghan Innovation’s latest report, released this week, “New Zealand Climate Tech for the World”, shows that local environmental technology companies struggle to raise funding, especially compared to their counterparts in countries such as Finland, Israel, and Denmark, noting: “New Zealand climate tech innovators raised 95% (19 times) less funding than climate tech innovators in the average small, advanced economy.”

According to the report, part of the problem lies in access to capital that supports growing startups into large businesses that are active in other countries and markets.

How CIOs can aid New Zealand’s environmental technology ecosystem

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