Yotta’s Peerzade: The journey from cloud consumer to cloud creator

Sayed Peerzade talks about what it took to become a CIO, and what he’s planning next.

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Yotta Infrastructure

IT veteran Sayed Peerzade has recently switched roles from consumer to creator of cloud services, leaving his post as group CIO of Reliance Entertainment to become executive vice president and chief cloud officer of managed data center service provider Yotta Infrastructure.

“Back in 2013-14 when AWS came to India, most of the cloud businesses happened through these foreign entities. Unfortunately, there were no Indian cloud providers who were as good as the foreign players like Google, Azure, or AWS,” says Peerzade. “When Yotta launched, Sunil Gupta (CEO of Yotta) and I kept sharing our vision of launching a purely Indian cloud infrastructure with each other. Hiranandani Group, the promoter, had the same vision so that India can truly be a digital India. That’s how I transitioned myself to Yotta.”

Peerzade has over 20 years of experience in IT, and holds a PhD in engineering with specialization in digital transformation from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research Centre.

He says his new role is similar to his previous one, although it comes with added responsibilities. “It’s not very different from a CIO role. All CIOs need to make innovations happen, and so do I. The only difference is that now, if I create something, I have to lead its business as well. That’s the elevation I find myself into at Yotta. But that’s also what every CIO wants, they want to lead because they are always the best to lead any tech business.”

In this edited Q&A with CIO India, Peerzade shares the story of how he became a CIO, how he views the role, and why he moved on.

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