6 digital transformation tips from AT&T’s tech chief

The telecom’s CTO, Jeremy Legg, lends advice to IT leaders executing digital transformation at scale. The skinny? Business and IT alignment are critical.

6 digital transformation tips from AT&T’s tech chief
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Legacy systems present headwinds for telecommunications carriers as much as if not more than in any other sector. That’s holds true for AT&T Communications, which is in the midst of a sweeping overhaul of its technology infrastructure and processes, the better to support 5G networking and other emerging technologies.

Since joining AT&T from WarnerMedia in 2020, CTO Jeremy Legg has forged a new organization to operate IT, software, security, and data architecture. This tech team began upgrading infrastructure and processes to improve the employee experience, including consolidating data centers and migrating internal apps and systems to cloud providers; streamlining data capabilities to make the business more agile and integrating front-end and back-end services and databases while phasing out legacy apps.

For instance, AT&T had north of 7,000 apps when Legg joined — the result of several mergers and acquisitions over the last several decades — but Legg is reducing that number as he shifts more compute workloads to the public cloud.

“The rise of the public cloud provides an opportunity to retire some apps and move to new target architectures,” Legg says.

Here Legg shares some of the secrets to his success. 

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