Build a Strong Disaster Recovery Strategy to Navigate an IT Disaster

Organizations need a DR plan to stay ahead of security risks and costly downtime.

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Today, there is a rising ransomware trend that is affecting all businesses, large and small. It not only shows why security protocols are critical in mitigating the possible impact of a threat incursion, but also why having a robust disaster recovery plan in place is so critical.

Business downtime and inaccessible company data can be disruptive and exceedingly costly, above and beyond potentially having to pay a ransom to access encrypted data.

Certain instances have initiated significant impacts including:

  • Upwards of $9,000 per minute of outage for large companies, or hundreds of thousands of dollars per day
  • Costs can easily hit $8,000 per hour for small businesses and $74,000 for medium-sized ones, according to a recent survey.

Add to that, nearly 60% of small businesses that have experienced a major data loss or cyberattack are out of business within six months, according to a report published in Inc.

Taking the Pain Out of DR

Developing a disaster recovery strategy isn't one of the most fun areas of IT work and it's often neglected as a result. But surveying your IT landscape to understand recovery needs, then developing, implementing, and testing a robust DR plan goes a long way to providing a high level of business continuity and protecting the integrity of your critical business data during a downtime event. It doesn’t it have to be overly hard.

That's where utilizing a powerful resource like RapidScale's Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Platform, powered by Zerto, and the knowledge of our experienced IT engineers (especially when paired with a cloud target platform to safeguard your critical business data) can make a world of difference. It blunts the impact of a disaster, be it security, human, equipment, or natural in genesis.

As an always-on, continuously covered resource, RapidScale’s DRaaS solution helps simplify DR by replacing multiple legacy solutions with one tool for disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility, tied to the hypervisor of your choice. It allows you to protect on-premises workloads, as well as hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

With its built-in orchestration and automation, you can define workflows that support live failovers and failover tests that initiate agentless recovery without affecting production workflows. This solution achieves recovery point objectives (RPOs) as fast as seconds and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of minutes, thanks to journal-based changes tracked for 30 days. Businesses can easily expand to cover data storage in the cloud for longer backup and retention goals.

RapidScale’s DRaaS is ideal for covering numerous application dependencies across multiple VMs, with Virtual Protection Groups that protect the entire application stack of a given application.  And you can easily add a new virtual appliance any time you have a new virtual host. The built-in automation functions provide freedom to recover apps along pre-defined settings, particularly for your desired boot order, unique network configuration and optional re-IP when a downtime event hits.

Not Just for Disaster Recovery

Building your DR strategy provides your organization added perks for an improved, modern IT roadmap. As you're replicating VMs and applications to a cloud platform, you can leverage those instances to facilitate greater cloud transition and offload costly on-prem equipment, or even data centers. This helps to further shift away from CapEx expenditures associated with buying new, or upgrading old, existing hardware, and maintaining those physical devices to a more manageable and predictable OpEx approach.

It's also an excellent way to attain greater flexibility in a multi-cloud environment, because you can more readily pivot between providers—be it for better DR coverage, application availability, or to leverage cost savings and improve cloud consumption.

Less Pain, More Gain

For organizations that want to offload the drudgery of building, testing and refining a DR plan, RapidScale engineers are ready to help assess your IT landscape, design a strategy, build your runbook, run regular tests, and refine along the way – so your team can focus on driving business efficiencies and revenue outcomes.

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