2021 CIO50 ASEAN awards: Nominations are now open

The awards honour the two core pillars of innovation and leadership by transformational and inspiring CIOs at both in-country and regional levels across Southeast Asia.

cio50 asean awards

CIO ASEAN is proud to launch the 2021 edition of the CIO50 ASEAN awards, recognising the top 50 senior technology executives driving innovation, strengthening resiliency, and influencing rapid change. The CIO50 ASEAN awards are aligned to IDG’s global awards program and viewed as a mark of excellence within the enterprise.

In 2021, the CIO50 ASEAN awards will be judged on the core pillars of innovation and leadership, honouring transformational, inspiring, and enduring CIOs at both in-country and regional levels within Southeast Asia:

  • Under the innovation pillar, the nomination will describe the technology innovations introduced over the past two years that have changed the way the business operates.
  • Under the leadership pillar, the nomination will describe the ways in which the technology leader has collaborated and influenced the organisation and its leadership team.

The role of technology leaders—whether CIO, CTO, or CDO—continues to change at pace postpandemic, driven by the emergence of new technologies, business models, and market dynamics. The CIO50 ASEAN awards will capture this change through highlighting the innovative work of individuals and organisations across the region.

In housing the most influential IT executives across Southeast Asia, the CIO50 ASEAN awards speak directly to the reality of how organisations continue to evolve post-pandemic and where CIOs are concentrating resources to capitalise on future opportunities.

Whether a small project or large company-wide initiative, submissions span digital transformation, cloud, and security, in addition to infrastructure modernisation, agile workplace innovation, and the implementation of both established and emerging technologies.

CIO50 ASEAN awards entry criteria

The 2021 CIO50 ASEAN awards are open to the top technology leader in an organisation who has overall responsibility and control of the ICT vision and direction for the company. This C-level executive will spearhead innovation while also being at the forefront of decision-making and strategic change.

Entrants from previous CIO50 ASEAN winners and new entrants are welcome and encouraged. To understand better the characteristics of winning organisations, read the previous CIO50 ASEAN winner profiles in 2020 and 2019.

Specifically, the 2021 CIO50 ASEAN awards questionnaire seeks to determine:

  • The technology innovations that have changed the way an organisation operates.
  • Why the innovations are unique in the marketplace.
  • How the C-level executive collaborates with and influences the organisation and its leadership team.
  • The role technology plays in helping the organisation achieve its objectives.

Nominations are now open and run until Friday, 17 September 2021. Submissions are free to enter and can be self-nominated or nominated on behalf of someone else—follow the link or download the CIO50 ASEAN submission form to participate.

All entries will be reviewed by a select and independent CIO50 ASEAN judging panel, which will rate each section of the questionnaire to determine the final list.

Submissions will also form the basis of written profiles of all 50 technology leaders. This year will also see the introduction of two individual awards, acknowledging CIO excellence across innovation and leadership.

The more powerful nominations will be the ones that can provide real-world examples of where technology and digital chiefs are successfully providing value to their organisations, driving innovation, and leading their teams.

The word count for responses to questions under each of the two pillars—innovation and leadership—should be no more than 800 words per section (1,600 words in total for both pillars).

The 2021 CIO50 ASEAN awards winners will be unveiled during a virtual celebration on 1 December 2021, alongside dedicated editorial streams in partnership with IDC to deep-dive into CIO strategies for future innovation and growth.

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