4 ways to diversify your IT hiring pipeline

Diverse teams deliver better results. Here’s how companies are reevaluating their hiring strategies to ensure they’re reaching qualified candidates outside traditional hiring avenues.

4 ways to diversify your IT hiring pipeline
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The tech industry has traditionally relied on hiring new talent from colleges and universities, severely limiting its pool for recruiting, as college isn’t accessible to everyone and there are plenty of qualified candidates who may be well past their college graduate years. By hiring with such a narrow focus, organizations miss out on plenty of talented and qualified individuals who do not fit into the current hiring parameters set by leadership.  

A recent research report from Harvard Business School, Accenture, and Grads of Life titled “Dismissed by Degrees” found that, while employers typically pay more for college graduates to fill jobs that are also filled by non-degree holders, there is no “material improvement in productivity” in doing so. Employers will often pay anywhere from 11% to 30% more for candidates with a college degree, yet employers also report that “non-graduates with experience perform nearly or equally well on critical dimensions like time to reach full productivity, time to promotion, level of productivity, or amount of oversight required,” according to the research.

Often, the skills employers look for with a college degree can be taught to any qualified candidate willing to learn on the job, especially through third-party programs designed to connect underrepresented youth with opportunities in the IT job market. Or, you might find a more experienced candidate, one who has been out of the workforce, who can be upskilled or reskilled to meet your current business needs.

Here are four ways your organization can rethink your hiring strategy to fill skill gaps, diversify your workforce, and create more opportunities for traditionally overlooked candidates.


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