Adopting a Te Ao Māori approach to data and analytics

Western notions of ownership and power are often imbalanced. Taking Māori principles based on community could make New Zealand a model for a better approach to tech and data.

kylie reiri nicholson consulting
Nicholson Consulting

Data and analytic strategies are uppermost in CIOs’ minds, but in Aotearoa New Zealand, IT leaders are realising that it isn’t all about hard stats and algorithms. Data represents what people are and do, and in this country that can mean considering Te Ao Māori ways of approaching data and automation.

At a recent TUANZ (Technology Users Association) event, Nicholson Consulting CEO Kylie Reiri outlined five ways in which CIOs can approach their data strategies, all of which have reference to Te Ao Māori. Reiri has a masters degree in statistics and previously worked for Department of Statistics at Inland Revenue and was cofounder of social enterprise Impact Lab. She believes that technology alone is not enough when it comes to creating world-class digital services, that IT leaders need to consider the “softer things”, especially when deploying data and analytics.

“There is a better way to use data, and we can be guided by indigenous ways of knowing how to do it better. It’s not just about what we do, it’s also about how we do it. How we work as a team to gain the power of our collective strength. How we work is just as important as what we do, if not more so. Our vision is analytics, for the good of our communities, and we want more people to join us in this vision so data can be used for a brighter Aotearoa.” she says.

Reiri recommends that CIOs consider five things about a Te Ao Māori approach to data and analytics.

1. Te Ao Māori is the superpower of Aotearoa

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