7 techniques to enhance your power to persuade

In the workplace, influence is the ability to move someone’s thinking, actions, or decisions in a way that advances your business objectives. These seven concepts and techniques will give your influence skills a boost.

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As an IT executive, your ability to influence others in the workplace is an essential component of professional success. Just think of all the times you need the assistance or approval of your C-suite peers to achieve your objectives.

This includes everything from gaining the support of your business partners on an important IT initiative or facilitating companywide adoption of a recently implemented technology to raising the awareness of cybersecurity threats or convincing a vendor to give you their best consultants. The list goes on and on.

Here are seven techniques that will help you maximize your influence in the workplace.

1. Action Reaction

With this influence technique, as the name suggests, you act in a specific way with the goal of getting others to also act in a particular way.  To quote Steve Jobs, “A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not.”  The best way to get your IT team to act in specified ways, such as driving innovation or providing proactive internal customer service, is to exhibit those actions yourself.

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