10 Power BI mistakes to avoid

Power BI is increasingly bringing the power of data to business users, but you may need more guardrails to get the most value from it. These are the most common things organizations get wrong.

10 Power BI mistakes to avoid
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As a leading business intelligence tool, Power BI offers business users power and flexibility in dealing with data. The Microsoft tool provides everything from Excel integration to enterprise reporting and an increasing number of AI features that simplify getting deeper insights. In fact, the latest Forrester Wave report on augmented BI goes as far as to say “it is hard not to consider Power BI as your top choice for an enterprise BI platform.”

But with so much power and so many features, you need to understand how to work with Power BI to get the most out of it. These are some common mistakes enterprises make with Power BI and how to avoid them.  

Going wild with Power BI

Much like Excel, the power of Power BI gives it grass roots popularity. There’s probably already more usage in your organization than you know about. Just leaving people to find out how to get the best from Power BI on their own means they may not make the most of it. Even worse, you can end up with so much data that’s been uploaded (and duplicated by different people) and so many data artefacts that have been created that no one knows who’s doing what and where the useful reports are.

Instead, curate and endorse trusted data sets to make it easy for people to find quality data. Provide training and consider building a center of excellence that includes BI architects, data experts, and people who can help business users be effective with Power BI. You may even want to restrict them from publishing data until they’ve had some training to help get the value without the chaos.

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