Fidelity unlocks the power of data by transforming its pipeline

Fidelity Investments is creating a “next-generation data pipeline” to make data available throughout the enterprise and its ecosystem.

Fidelity unlocks the power of data by transforming its pipeline

Nearly four years ago, Mihir Shah had a vision for fundamentally changing Fidelity Investment’s data strategy. Then CTO, Shah pushed to become the company’s first ever enterprise head of data architecture and engineering to enact that vision, what he calls a “next-generation data pipeline.”

At the center of that vision was one key tenet: “No matter what your role is, we want to make data available to you to make your job easier and to make your decision-making better,” he says.

Becoming a data-driven company has been a key goal of most organizations for years now, but many have failed to truly drive decisions with data at speed for a variety of reasons. For Shah, transforming the data operating model is the foundation of success.

“Everybody knows that data is valuable, and that integrated data is more valuable than siloed data,” he says. “We’ve been talking about this for years, but nobody has been willing to make those operating model changes to actually make that happen. The technology is there. It’s getting better. But I think the key secret sauce is the operating model.”

From silos to neighborhoods

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