How to shine in virtual interviews for the African tech job market

Today, virtual interviews are being used for end-to-end recruitment. Here’s how tech professionals can make a good impression.

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Virtual interviews may have been in vogue for many years, especially in the tech sector, but this approach to hiring was predominantly used only in the very early stages of the recruitment process. Today, digital recruitment and virtual interviews are being used for end-to-end recruitment as businesses look for creative ways to assess job applicants without breaking lockdown restrictions.

And this approach to recruitment is here to stay. According to a new survey from HireVue, a video interviewing and recruiting automation technology provider, 54% of businesses believe that virtual interviews result in a speedier recruitment process. And 41% confirm that this approach made it easier for them to identify the best candidates.

Some of the main benefits of using video tools include the speed and efficiency of the interviews and the recruitment process as a whole, according to Jaco Bester, managing consultant for Africa at Michael Page.

“Interviews can be scheduled in a timelier fashion and the topics of conversation are more focused, resulting in a much clearer picture for both the employer and candidate," Bester says. "We have also been using psychometric tests in conjunction with video interviews; this allows us to run a much more straightforward and informative process covering all the necessary technical and cultural aspects to the benefit of all parties involved.” 

Amelia Jacob, senior business manager for Africa at Page Executive, the executive search and hiring brand of Michael Page, which focuses on the hiring of people for C-suite level roles, shares this sentiment.

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