Popular IT advice every CIO should ignore

Everybody has an opinion. The problem is, some opinions simply aren’t worth listening to.

Popular IT advice every CIO should ignore
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Advice is cheap. But unfortunately, many IT leaders end up paying a hefty price for listening to recommendations that turn out to be misleading, self-serving, or simply dead wrong.

Most bad IT advice is dispensed innocently. That’s because a misleading suggestion, like a lie, tends to become accepted truth when it’s repeated often enough by enough people.

Are you tired of hearing tips that when applied to real-world situations turn out to be inaccurate, illogical, or simply dead wrong? Then you’ll want to watch out for the following seven popular examples of “helpful” IT advice that should always be ignored.

Offshoring development is always cheaper

What makes this advice potentially destructive is that it places an emphasis on cost versus benefit. “CIOs should be thinking about how to be a center of benefit instead of a cost center,” says Ed Mullin, vice president and CIO of IT and business management consulting firm Think Systems.

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