9 emerging innovations that could redefine IT

CIOs must keep an eye on the horizon. The following forward-thinking strategies and technologies are starting to gain traction and could impact the next decade of IT.

9 emerging innovations that could redefine IT
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Emerging technology has greatly elevated the role of CIOs in the past several years, as previously far-out innovations such as machine learning and natural language processing have taken center stage in digital transformations that are shaking up the business landscape.

But with that new status has come an even greater need to keep an eye out for what is comping next. The CIO role is not just about curating the existing technology but also planning for how IT will tackle future challenges and opportunities because change just keeps coming.

Here are nine big ideas, buzzwords, and evolving technologies that are starting to gather momentum today. Embracing an idea before it’s ready can be invigorating — if you’re right. Waiting until it’s established may be safer but can put you behind your competitors.

IT departments must keep aprised of these newly emerging ideas and technologies as they evolve and ascertain when — and whether — the moment is right to deploy them for serious work. Only you know when that moment might be for your tech stack.

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