How TBM accelerated business agility at Standard Chartered Singapore

As technology has become fused into financial services, an integrated approach has become essential for flexible, agile banking services. Here’s how one Singapore bank used the TBM framework to gain business advantage.

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Vinit Singh Chauhan

There has been a rapid increase in the importance of technology in financial institutions and banks in the past decade. “Technology of course has always played a key role, but we are now in an era where banks seem to have become technology organisations first and financial service providers second,” said Vinit Singh Chauhan, head of Technology Business Management and Strategic Projects at Standard Chartered Singapore, a subsidiary of British banking and financial services company Standard Chartered.

vinit chauhan standard chartered bank singapore Standard Chartered Singapore

Vinit Singh Chauhan, head of Technology Business Management and Strategic Projects, Standard Chartered Singapore

What’s happened over the years is that not only the scope, complexities, and methodologies of technology have evolved, and the pace of change has accelerated, but for technology decision-makers, a wide range of alternatives is now available for every technology decision—and often used concurrently.

That’s where Apptio’s proprietary Technology Business Management (TBM) framework comes in. TBM is one method to help companies integrate IT into the organisation, with the goal of running the IT department like a business. (Competitors include Bee365, CostLens, Digital Fuel, and ServiceNow, according to Gartner.)

Chauhan has used TBM at Standard Chartered Singapore to help drive its technological evolution. “TBM aims to harness the power of information and analytics to enable these functions to be managed in an optimal manner, and for decisions to be taken in a better, more effective, and timely way,” he said.

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