Top 13 cloud management tools

With enterprises increasingly turning to the cloud, keeping track of instances, resources, costs, and workflows just keeps getting more challenging. These solutions can help.

Top 13 cloud management tools

Not too long ago, no one needed cloud management software. Web applications were small and functionally very basic. They could run on a few servers, as long as you didn’t fret when loads peaked and responsiveness dropped. Everyone involved with the apps could fit in a small conference room and communicate well enough to ensure that rules were never broken.

Those days are long gone. Development teams deliver mountains of data in visually rich, click-happy environments. Microservice architectures make it possible to solve more problems and answer more clicks, all while scaling quickly as loads shift. The only side-effect is that there are now dozens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of machines to juggle to keep it all flowing.

Cloud management software simplifies this challenge by tracking machines and organizing developers. The right people on the right teams can deploy their code — and only their code — without hassle because the cloud management tools are watching the continuous integration pipeline and enforcing security and policy rules.

Cloud vendors offer a well-designed collection of web apps for using their machines. The basic web interfaces are fine if you just want to spin up an instance and start up some code. Small teams that stick to just one cloud can probably get by with those stock versions for managing their stacks. But when teams get bigger to the point where not everyone involves knows everyone else by name, just relying on a stock admin interface is harder.

Cloud management software really shines when you embrace multiple clouds. Perhaps you want to establish a hybrid environment that leverages stock machines in your own data center as well. Or you want to spread the load over multiple clouds from multiple vendors for security and safety. Perhaps you want to be able to move your code to the cheapest machines so you can keep costs in line. Cloud management software is designed to help with all these goals. 

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