Promotion tips: How to ‘hire from within’

Tapping current staff for new roles can boost morale, retention, and even recruitment. But considering internal candidates for promotion is not without risks and challenges.

Promotion tips: How to ‘hire from within’
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When filling an open role, most IT leaders aspire to land a rock star who not only ticks every box but brings in technical experience and knowledge not widely present in their current IT ranks. But a better solution might just be hidden in plain sight: the IT pros you already employ.

When you promote from within, “you boost morale throughout the company,” says Andy Byron, president of Lacework. “When other team members see their peers advance, it shows that the company is committed to employee growth and development.”

This strategy is terrific for retention and even recruitment, but it is not without risks and challenges. Opening up roles to internal talent can wreak havoc if you end up passing over current employees in making your final hire, or if you find that a key technical staff member isn’t as interested in managing people as they — or you — first thought. It can also backfire if success hinges on experience you have not yet offered to those you decide to promote into the role.

There are strategies for managing all of this, though. To help you promote from within with minimal blowback, I spoke to CIOs, tech leads, and other experts who have struggled with, and mastered, the art of deciding when to hire and when to promote.

To promote or to hire?

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