Building Effective IT 101

The secret art of technical architecture improvement

Building effective IT 101: Now that you know what you have in your technical architecture, and how good (or not-so-good) it is, you’re ready to plan for its improvement.

Choose one word to describe your company’s technical architecture and it would likely be “really complicated.”

Okay, that’s two words, but most technical architectures really are really complicated. Figuring out how to simplify and improve them? We’ll need to repeat “really” a few more times: That’s really, Really, really complicated.

Of course, when anything is that complicated — or convoluted — it helps to break things down before building up an improvement plan. Here, we do just that, helping you hack off a few of those “reallys” so you can put a practical game plan together to ensure your company’s technical architecture best serves the business.

Untangling technical architecture

A previous installment in this series provided a framework for describing technical architecture, breaking it down into three portfolios and their sub-portfolios:

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