Cushman & Wakefield dials up property sales and services with digital twins

The commercial real estate firm’s innovation mindset positioned it well to handle a business surge driven by the pandemic.

Cushman & Wakefield dials up property sales and services with digital twins
Cushman & Wakefield

The world of commercial real estate moves fast, with responsive buyers and tenants keen to grab first-mover advantage. To meet this challenge, real estate firms are embarking on a range of innovative initiatives, digitizing processes to make them more efficient and user friendly and to enable more data to be analyzed and accessible online in real-time, according to KPMG’s 2020 real estate advisory.

Cushman & Wakefield is one such commercial real estate company turning to new technologies to keep pace with the rising demands of business property owners and tenants while delivering time and cost savings. So committed is the frim to proptech-driven innovation that it has now developed its own in-house innovation hub.

As part of its innovation efforts, the Chicago-headquartered company has embraced the use of digital twins to accelerate the process of listing and renting commercial properties for both landlords and tenants. Digital twins, which leverage data to develop virtual representations of real-world entities and processes, have been gaining traction across a range of industries of late. With 400 offices across 60 countries, Cushman & Wakefield saw an opportunity to shorten the sales cycle and provide more personalized services to its clients by creating these digital representations of its commercial sites.

“You just have to look at brokers and project managers, for example, who can streamline their processes and how they can connect to their customers. And then in terms of how they visualize with tools, how they look at the space, and how they can play around with that and make decisions, that then creates a great opportunity,” says Oliver Skagerlind, global head of client and business solutions and interim co-CIO of Cushman & Wakefield. “So things like digital twins play a very important part when connecting to the clients.”

Real estate gets virtual

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